Mélygarázs a kert alattmelyet a felemelt kert szint alárejtettünk, hogy ezzel is barátságosabb és zöldebb legyen a környezet, nem utolsó sorban az emelt szintről még impozánsabb panorámát biztosítva lakóinknak

Hanggátló falak és bejárati nyílászárók

Energiatakarékos, távolról vezérelhető hűtő-fűtő rendszer

Elektromos autó töltési lehetőség

Privát zöldtető és park

Játszótér, gyereksarok

Zen kert: szeparált csendes pihenő kert a tökéletes elvonuláshoz""

Privát panoráma medence tusolókkal

Kerti grill és piknik helyek

Lebegő panoráma szauna



Egyes szolgáltatások elindítása végleges vevők igénye alapján változhat.

Műszaki tartalom

Helikon Terasz consists of small and friendly, 14-apartment residential buildings close to Lake Balaton, in beautiful green surroundings and landscaped gardens with a pool and a sauna with scenic view, a Zen garden and many other amenities. The most exciting part of each apartment is its own balcony with an amazing view of Lake Balaton from the living room and kitchen.

When designing the buildings and the apartments we focused on the needs and expectations of the future owners they probably did not even know about then, along with the latest technological solutions of the 21st century.

Cooling-heating is provided by an air-to-water heat pumps. The system is energy-saving and can be controlled remotely and operating in the most modern and comfortable way, without radiators or indoor units.
Accordingly, we provide smart home options, security access and camera systems and many other useful solutions for every home.

During the design process of the properties our goal was to create perfect comfort and tranquillity regarding the heat and sound insulation of the walls, ceilings and doors as well.

Our customers can choose the equipment and the design of the flats from 3 different categories - Standard, Medium, or Premium - regarding both quantity and quality. All details are summarized in the Downloadable technical content.
The interior design of the properties, including tiles and floor covers, sanitary ware, faucets and interior doors can be selected by our customers from a range of materials and colours selected by interior designers.

(The list price on the website includes the Standard category design.)