Keszthely is next – Act in time

  • Perfect location on one of the greenest shores of Lake Balaton • Ideal apartment sizes and floor plans, good use of space
  • Upcoming housing boom in Keszthely - an ideal investment
  • Panorama of Balaton from all apartments

Whether it is about its charming small streets, cultural events, gastronomy and leisure facilities or real estate investments, significant development and investments in tourism, Keszthely, the historical capital of Lake Balaton, has a lot of potential.

Helikon Terasz project is one of the best choices for those who are looking for apartments near Balaton as an investment. A number of large-scale developments have already started, such as the renewal of the lakeside promenade and beaches, residential and hospitality developments.

In addition to Keszthely’s history, cultural life, vibrant downtown and charming parks, the region offers further all-year attractions for visitors - Hévíz with its famous thermal water, the Balaton Upland National Park, the Lake Cave in Tapolca, the wildlife of Kis-Balaton, the buffalo farm, many other wildlife and adventure parks, the Buddhist stupa in Zalaszanto, and many other places, such as old castles and fortresses, museums, exhibitions and parks, lakeside promenades.

The international airport located in Sármellék, approximately 10 km from Keszthely offers charter flights to Germany and Russia. Further improvements of the airports as well as M76 highway connecting M7 motorway with Zalaegerszeg (with its Zala-Zone high-tech vehicle testing track) and Szombathely (Austrian border) have been started.


Act in time - Don't miss out


The accommodation capacity in Keszthely is currently limited but the last two years have shown significant growth in the tourism industry of the region so those investors who act in time could expect significant return and increase in value.


Leasing / Operation


In addition to the increase of the asset-value, the property shall also generate lease revenue during time periods in the absence of the apartment owner.

If required, the future manager of the housing estate will manage:

  • short-term leases (marketing, customer service including booking, invoicing, cleaning, laundry, etc.)
  • long-term leases (marketing, customer service including lease contracts, monitoring running costs and payments etc.,
  • facility management and maintenance (from congestion removal to subsequent conversion, or even renovation)

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